Lauren Burke

Thank you for visiting my site! 

I hope here you are able to learn more about me and see that I'm a strong candidate for the position I've applied for. Though I created this site primarily for personal use, I feel it's a great way to showcase my capabilities better than a standard cover letter and resume. My photography portfolio is here.

If you have any questions please reach out! 


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From August 20, 2016 until Dec 16, 2019 I ran Early Alert Canines' account. I grew their following from about 210 to 755 on my last day. I created (now deleted) stories to explain the different types of dogs EAC trains and partnered with some influencers in the diabetes community to build brand strength and following, as well as explain what diabetes is and why a service dog is important.

My personal Instagram is a little neglected for lack of photos. I spent so much time and energy on EAC's over the last few years that I seldom had time for my own! And now that I have time for my own, I struggle to take photographs of myself (or ask people to take them for me). Not every post should be my dog, after all! 


In 2019, I began filming interviews and posting video content to Facebook and YouTube for Early Alert Canines. I used my personal camera, computer, and much of my own time to film and edit them. If I had more resources and time available, as well as a little guidance, I am confident the quality could be greatly improved.