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City bugs are so much grosser than country bugs. At least in the country you know those are real bugs, and they got into your house by accident, just living their lives looking for natural food.

City bugs, on the other hand, are bugs evolved to eat your stuff. They are nasty bugs, like cockroaches and silverfish and pharmacy bugs and flour bugs. Yeah, ok, most of them don’t carry diseases, but still… I really don’t like waking up to a silverfish on the wall next to my bed. A spider, or fly, or moth? Ok, whatever, you were looking for food and got stuck in my house. But a silverfish? You were trying to find my books so you could eat them.

It’s not like my room isn’t clean, or the house isn’t tidy. I just live in an old house with a lot of nooks and crannies for little creepy crawlies to invade. We recently changed our exterminator from monthly to quarterly and within a month of that change, I’ve had to kill several small bugs that wouldn’t have been able to enter my space otherwise. I now have to scrub my bedroom wall because a bug went splat a little more than I had anticipated...

I’m just glad I should be out of this house by the time summer comes and the ants start to invade, because that is no fun.

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